Established in the late 1800's and in its 4th generation of family ownership, Winans Chocolates and Coffees brings cutting edge flavors and time tested quality. We have established that urban edge in America's heartland. Winans owner, Joe, travels the world in search of consciously traded coffees and cacaos. Our products reflect our commitment to quality and sustainability across the globe and right here at home where we focus on purchasing local at every opportunity.

We proudly present a world of flavor right here at home. 

Five Generations of Winans Tradition

First Generation: Charles Walton owned bakeries in Michigan then in Bryon, Ohio. His wife’s diary entry from Sunday, February 10th 1929 talked about making candy for the bakery. All three of his children, Charles, Max and Elda ended up in bakery businesses of their own. His daughter, Edla met and married one of Charles’ bakers, Wayne Winans.

Second Generation: Wayne Winans opened his first bakery in Port Clinton, Ohio when he was 21 years of age. He then worked for Charles Walton in Bryon, Ohio and married Charles’ daughter. After owning bakeries in Florida, Michigan and Piqua, Ohio, Wayne retired early but helped his son’s Max and Dick open their bakery in Bellefontaine, Ohio and the Carriage House in Piqua. He worked until his death in 1978.

Third Generation: Max and Dick Winans opened Winans Carriage House Candies and ran it along with their Bellefontaine Bakery. Their first candies were hand dipped chocolates and Hard Tack, as pictured here. In the beginning, retail and manufacturing all took place at the Carriage House. They split the business in the early 70’s; Max taking the chocolate operation in Piqua and Dick taking the bakery in Bellefontaine. Max raised a family with his wife Jean, their four children are Greg, Laurie, Andy and Tim. Max owned and operated the business until his daughter and son-in-law bought the business in 1993.

Fourth Generation: Joe and Laurie Winans Reiser bought the business from Max in 1993. Joe had apprenticed making candy with Max during busy holiday seasons and Max said “Joe is a natural”!! Joe added coffee to the product line in 1994, Max said “it will never work”. That statement was the source of jokes for years!! The name was updated to “Winans Chocolates and Coffees” in 1994. Joe began roasting his own coffee in 2003. Over the years, additional stores have opened in Troy, German Village, and Upper Valley Medical Center. Franchising began in 2003, and locations now include Beavercreek, Dayton Mall, Far Hills, The Greene, Maineville, and Vandalia.

Fifth Generation: Jean “Madison” Reiser is a Miami University 2014 graduate currently working in the corporate world in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her Spanish language skills have come in helpful interpreting as her Dad is navigating the coffee and cacao farms of Central and South America. She has been spotted in the chocolate factory rolling buckeyes just like her great-grandmother did many years ago. Paul “Wilson” Reiser told his mother when he was 3 years old that he wanted to be a “cooker”. Maybe a cooker of chocolates? Only time will tell! In June of 2010 at the age of 17 Wilson stirred his first batches of caramel and toffee under Rita’s watchful eye. He has attended coffee roasting and cupping courses in Seattle with his Dad then became the part-time roaster for the business until he headed off for the University of Montana in Missoula. He graduated December of 2014 and is now attending law school at The Ohio State University.